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          1. Toilet leakage has always been a concern. It not only affects the beauty of the house, but also brings inconvenience to people's life and seriously affects people's normal life. Therefore, it is a problem that construction and decoration practitioners must pay full attention to.
          2. Causes of water leakage in toilet
          1) Quality problems of sanitary ware
          In the production process of sanitary ware, some businesses are mercenary, cut corners, lax quality control in the production process and technical problems. As a result, the qualified rate of sanitary ware is relatively low. Some products officially eliminated by some countries are still selling in large quantities, and the use of these fake and shoddy products is one of the reasons for water leakage.
          2) Water supply pipeline leakage
          To ensure the reliability of the piping system. After reducing the pipeline pressure to the working pressure. Observe the pressure after stabilizing for 1H. If the pipeline is checked for no leakage and no change in pressure, the concealed works can be carried out. During the hydraulic test on site, it is common to fail to meet the requirements of the acceptance specification, which has buried hidden dangers for future water leakage. In order to prevent water leakage in the future, the supervision personnel must supervise and urge the strict implementation of the acceptance specifications when participating in the hydrostatic test. You can't go through the motions.
          3) Leakage of drainage pipe
          Before the drainage pipe is connected to the main drainage pipe, the water filling test is not carried out. Only the water filling test is carried out to check that there is no water leakage at the interface can it be used. If the drainage pipe is not strictly controlled during installation, water leakage will also occur.
          4) Construction quality problems
          (1) Floor leakage.
          ① Leakage between ground floors; ② Cracks and leakage of concrete; ③ Improper treatment of waterproof layer causes leakage.
          (2) The pipeline is connected with the sanitary ware.
          During the installation of pipes and sanitary appliances, the joint is not tight or the joint is broken due to excessive force. Before the pipe is connected, carefully clean the pipe from dust and other pollutants, which will affect the bonding quality; Oil hemp wire or interface glue shall not be plugged at the connection of water trap and water line. The filling mortar is not dense, no careful maintenance is carried out, the installation and sealing of the toilet is not tight, and the interface gap at the lower part of the horizontal sewer pipe is too small, which is easy to produce leakage.
          (3) The mortar or fine aggregate concrete filled in the reserved holes of the pipeline (crossing the floor, wall, etc.) is not dense, which is the most prone to leakage.
          (4) The pipe passing through the floor shall be made into a steel pipe sleeve, and the diameter of the sleeve shall be 2 larger than that of the pipe. The top of the sleeve shall be 20mm higher than the ground, the bottom of the sleeve shall be flat with the bottom of the floor, and the sealing paste shall be filled between the sleeve and the pipe. If this is not done well, when water is stored on the toilet floor, the water will flow down the floor, resulting in water leakage.
          (5) Do not pay attention to the protection of finished products after construction. In the pressure test or construction stage, due to less water consumption and too many sundries in the pipeline, they accumulate at the water storage bend, and the cleaning hole is often opened. Leakage at the interface is easy to occur.
          (6) Some residents change the bathroom into a bathroom and install a shower nozzle or bathtub. The wall surface is not provided with waterproof layer or the tiles are uneven. The joint between the bathtub and the wall is not filled with sealant or waterproof glue, which is very easy to store water leakage.
          These are the highlights of Jinan pipeline dredging. For more highlights, please click: http://www.ztkygs.com We will have more wonderful content for you to check later